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Are you familiar with kickbacks? What causes saw kickback? How to prevent table saw kickback?

Cutting-Edge Table Saw Tips & Tricks

Whether the woodworkers are professional or non-professional, it doesn't matter. All of them have to be familiar with the table saw as it's the most used saw for cutting woods. You can say that without a table saw most of the woodworkers couldn't complete their work entirely. But every precious thing comes with a price, so does the table saw. A table saw comes with kickbacks. It might sound simple, but it is dangerous. Do you have any idea how many table saw accidents occur per year?

It numbers way more than you can ever imagine. It often happens when the cutting wood somehow starts losing its pressure against the table saw rip fence across the blade. If you had no idea about the kickbacks of the table saw, well, now you know. Here are some essential remedies for you so that you can use them and avoid your saw kickbacks.

Go through them thoroughly. Rip fence alignment is one of the most initial movements for preventing kickback.

Rip fence misalignment can turn into a serious kickback injury while cutting an element. Looking for the best tool for preventing kickback injuries? A riving knife could be your first choice. There comes the riving knife. It prevents that occurrence.

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Kenneth Burton. Publisher: Popular Woodworking Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis The table saw is the most versatile power tool in any woodworker's workshop, but most woodworkers just don't realize it. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Popular Woodworking Books New Softcover Quantity Available: 1. Some woods, such as cherry, maple and some exotics, are just prone to burning. Making sure that the blade is perfectly parallel with the miter-gauge slot is an essential step when setting up a new saw. A fast and easy way to set the top is with a dial indicator see the Buying Guide.

Safety is essential

Position the tip of the indicator at a reference point on the blade near the front of the saw. Rotate the blade toward the rear of the saw, and slide the indicator to repeat the reading. A reading of zero means the blade and slot are parallel. A skewed rip fence can cause burning, chipping on the top surface of your workpiece, and even kickback. Identify this problem by reading the burn.

Cutting-Edge Table Saw Tips & Tricks by Kenneth S. Burton

This crowds the wood against the rear of the blade and produces a burn. A misaligned splitter or riving knife can have the same effect. This adjustment should be no more than the thickness of a dollar bill about. Too much toe out will cause burn marks on the other side of your cut. As a rule, feed stock as quickly as your saw can comfortably handle. Pay attention to the feed resistance, and listen to sound of your saw. Slow down as soon as you detect any bogging.

Waxing your tabletop and fence can help. Reducing unnecessary friction will make it easier for you to maintain a uniform feed rate.

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A smooth top will also give you a better feel for how well the wood is sliding past the blade. Even when everything else is perfect, the blade can still heat up and distort just enough to bind and burn in a few spots. Patchy burns typically occur in the middle of a long cut where you paused to get a fresh grip.

Practice will make you a smoother sawyer, but for now, clean up black spots with a plane, jointer, or sandpaper. Featherboards and stock-pushing accessories promote safe woodworking procedures and also reduce edge burns. Keeping stock tight to the rip fence can be tough, especially when ripping long boards.

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A featherboard makes it easy to maintain consistent side pressure. Pushsticks and pushblocks can help promote smoother cutting by improving your grip. See the Buying Guide for a set including all three products. In some instances, you may choose to allow the blade to nip a pusher in order to achieve a smooth cut. Minor drive-train problems can cause vibration, but in severe cases, they can also lead to bogging down and burning. Attack these problems by aligning the pulley and motor arbor with a straightedge Photo E , and upgrading to a Power Twist Link Belt see the Buying Guide for both products.