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Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information The spectacular images of galaxy collisions capture the imagination. This book will show what is out there in the universe, what it's like in other galaxies, what they might look like, and how cosmic processes might affect life in other solar systems. It will explain crucial stages in the development of physical structure in the universe, and the effect of galaxy scale processes. Professor Struck will explore all the issues surrounding galaxy collisions.

He will begin with a brief broad review of the background on galaxies, the history of their discovery, and how this has been driven by steadily improving technology. Chapters 2 gives details of the early stages of different types of galaxy collision - Rings of Fire, Tidal Swings and Retrograde and Sideways Reels - while Chapter 3 describes collisions between galaxies of very different masses: minor merger or dwarf destruction. Chapter 4 covers ultra-luminous infrared galaxies and major mergers and Chapter 5 briefly examines the techniques used for computer simulation results and how increasing computer capacity has affected the development of this field.

The following chapter looks at understanding the physical processes of triggered star formation and nuclear activity. Chapters look at the broader view of cosmological structure growth which determines the environment and conditions in which galaxy collisions occur.

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In the densest environments, this process repeats itself on the larger scale of galaxy clusters. The concluding chapter considers what a galaxy collision looks like from a solar system like ours.

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A New Blast May Have Forged Cosmic Gold

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Cosmic Collisions: Different Stages in Collisions Between Galaxies

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