Guide Integrated Watershed Management: Perspectives and Problems

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Integrated Watershed Management

There is a growing recognition, however, that local problems have regional dimensions and must be addressed in a broader context. A watershed approach captures management of whole natural systems, including people, critters, and places. We are discovering that watershed-scaled stewardship is very much about building the social and cultural technology to conserve whole systems such as watersheds. The watershed perspective is about developing our understanding of the fit between inhabitants and habitats and about working with those affected to create a sense of ownership for the quality of place.

The watershed perspective is about helping the Nation solve problems related to the use and management of water.

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A key aspect of the watershed approach is collaboration, particularly between the public and private sectors, to understand the cumulative effects of decisions and activities related to water resources management. The mutual understanding that comes from collaborative partnerships opens the door to a new range of solutions to water problems that no one agency would have developed, or could carry out, by itself.

Watershed Management - Importance and Challenges

In the future, this page will offer "white papers" and other critical and provocative perspectives about watershed-based work and what it means for meeting NRM challenges and opportunities. These thought pieces will come from within and across the Corps and from the wide literature that is available about water resources management.

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Such thought pieces should prove helpful in provoking thinking about water management so as to enhance the community of practice related to watersheds and partnerships. If you have information or ideas that you believe would be of assistance in developing this page, please offer them by sending an e-mail.

You are invited to join and spur a dialogue about watersheds and watershed management in the Corps and in the Nation! Technical Problems Updated March These regions consist of great reserves of natural resources which need to be exploited and managed sustainably.

Integrated Watershed Management : Perspectives and Problems. Beheim , G. Rajwar , M. Haigh , J.